Bill Mullen’s Tired Tirade Against Mitch Daniels

Professor Bill Mullen has written multiple articles trashing the president of Purdue University, Mitch Daniels—thereby harming the school’s reputation and promoting bias in education. Continue reading “Bill Mullen’s Tired Tirade Against Mitch Daniels”

Bill Mullen’s Publications: From Marxism to Palestinian Liberation

Purdue University professor Bill Mullen has written articles and books on a variety of subjects, including Asian and African American intersectionality and the working class struggle.

About Bill V. Mullen’s Publications
Professor Bill Mullen has published extensively on issues of class, race, Marxist theory, and identity politics. Below are descriptions of some of his more prominent articles and books. He is known for his interest in solidarity movements, such as the ties between Asian and African-American revolutionary thinkers, and university students with the Palestinian resistance. He tends to reexamine traditional interpretations of history and historical figures through a revisionist approach. Continue reading “Bill Mullen’s Publications: From Marxism to Palestinian Liberation”

Bill Mullen’s 2012 Trip to Palestine

Professor Bill Mullen of Purdue University visited Palestine in 2012 as part of the USACBI delegation. This is an itinerary of his trip.


About Bill Mullen’s USACBI Delegation Trip
According to, the USACBI delegation trip took place over six days. Bill Mullen and other scholars met with a wide variety of Palestinian activists on the ground including Jamal Jum’a from Stop the Wall, Sam Bahour from The Right to Entry, Zacharia Odeh from the Jerusalem Civic Coalition, Anan Quzmar from The Right to Education campaign at Birzeit, and Fajr Harb, who engage in direct action methods of protest such as the Freedom Riders’ campaign. Continue reading “Bill Mullen’s 2012 Trip to Palestine”

Bill Mullen vs. Donald Trump

 Purdue University professor Bill Mullen and Donald Trump: one hates Jews, the other hates Muslims – and both men are essentially un-American.

What’s The Connection?
You are probably wondering – what does an ultra-left wing professor in Indiana have to do with the lunatic radical Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential elections? While the Donald is mentally rolling out slabs of concrete to keep “Mexican rapists” on the other side his fantasy wonder wall, Bill is likely visualizing a way to launch a Mexican general uprising. Trump can’t wait to pass a law forbidding Muslim entry into the U.S.; Mullen goes on politically-themed trips to the Palestinian Territories where he meets with Islamic activists that want Jews out of the Middle East.
Yet beneath their surface differences, the two men share a fundamental similarity that’s representative of an increasingly common American phenomenon: “moral” righteousness and its close cousin, scapegoating. Donald Trump appears on the scene as the champion of white, lower-class America. He is here to rectify wrongs caused by immigration (of course, barring current trophy wife Melania, a Slovenian émigré), by Muslims, and by…captured war heroes?

Continue reading “Bill Mullen vs. Donald Trump”