Bill Mullen vs. Donald Trump

 Purdue University professor Bill Mullen and Donald Trump: one hates Jews, the other hates Muslims – and both men are essentially un-American.

What’s The Connection?
You are probably wondering – what does an ultra-left wing professor in Indiana have to do with the lunatic radical Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential elections? While the Donald is mentally rolling out slabs of concrete to keep “Mexican rapists” on the other side his fantasy wonder wall, Bill is likely visualizing a way to launch a Mexican general uprising. Trump can’t wait to pass a law forbidding Muslim entry into the U.S.; Mullen goes on politically-themed trips to the Palestinian Territories where he meets with Islamic activists that want Jews out of the Middle East.
Yet beneath their surface differences, the two men share a fundamental similarity that’s representative of an increasingly common American phenomenon: “moral” righteousness and its close cousin, scapegoating. Donald Trump appears on the scene as the champion of white, lower-class America. He is here to rectify wrongs caused by immigration (of course, barring current trophy wife Melania, a Slovenian émigré), by Muslims, and by…captured war heroes?

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